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6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding shoes, do you have a style in mind? Have you had your eyes on that stunning pair of Bella Belle shoes?… Here are 6 Tips (and bonus quick tips!) when it comes to finding the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding day!

1. Know your Priorities

How important are your wedding shoes to you? Are these something you’re willing to invest in, or are you looking for a pair you’re comfortable in and not as particular about the style? OR… are you in the middle? Once you can prioritize your outfit, itemizing between your dress, your veil, your jewelry and your shoes, that will help you get started in the process!

2. Budget

Once you have narrowed down what areas of your outfit you’re willing to spend more money on than others, you’ll want to set a max price point you’re willing to spend on a pair of shoes. This will help you when filtering through your options, and not getting your hopes up for something you’re not comfortable spending.

3. Heels or Flats?

Being comfortable in your shoes on your wedding day is SO important. Are you comfortable walking in heels for a full day? If not, you may want to lean towards a pair of flats for the day. I recommend wearing a closed toed pair of shoes with an ankle strap. This way in photographs you may notice the tip of your shoe, and the ankle strap will help prevent your shoe from slipping off mid-dance!

     Quick tip: Consider your venue! If you have an outdoor ceremony, a pair of flats may be your best friend!

4. Color?

Are you looking to stay traditional with a light, white color shoes? Or are you looking to add a pop of color? Some brides who opt for a colored shoe lean towards a blue, for your “something blue”, or one of their wedding accent colors.

5. What is your Bridal Style?

Are you more of a vintage classic, modern chic, rustic? Understanding your bridal style will help you keep consistency in all of the elements for your wedding day, especially when reviewing through your wedding gallery!

     Quick Tip: Consider the details in your wedding dress! If you have lace or beading, you can incorporate that in  your shoes as well!

6. Will you wear these again?

Before selecting which pair (or two) of shoes you would like to wear, consider if you would wear them again. Wedding shoes are an investment, and if yours have the option and opportunity to be worn again, that is definitely worth the investment!

I hope this helps you narrow down the perfect shoes for you to wear on your wedding day! Happy Planning!!

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