Wedding Planning

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Sooo you’re engaged! Now what?

Yayy!! You’re engaged (Doing a happy dance, no big deal)! That is such exciting news, and an incredible journey. Spoiler alert…the time will go fast! I’ll let you take it in for a second…enjoy your beautiful ring, and soak it all in.

Now that you’ve had a few seconds to enjoy…you’re probably wondering “where do I begin”? I was the same way for my wedding! With a laundry list of things to check off your list such as…

  • Picking your location
  • Booking your venue
  • Booking your caterer
  • Saying YES to the dress
  • Finding your florist
  • Choosing your colors
  • Booking your DJ
  • Asking your close friends and family to be in the wedding party….

The list goes on. But don’t worry! I have provided you a list of the first 5 things you should do when you get engaged.

Let’s begin!

1. First things first… have you announced the big news to all of your family and friends yet? Depending on your style and preference, some couples go as far as creating an engagement party to celebrate!

2. Now that you have announced to all family and friends it’s time to stop and think about, “what day do you want to get married?” Do you have a general style or season you’d prefer? If you don’t know yet, that’s okay! A bit of advice I can give is to find a day that may mean something to you both as a couple. My husband and I got married on our 3 year anniversary, so we will always have May 4 as our anniversary. And before you start thinking May 4…no, we did not have a Star Wars themed wedding 😉 Find a time frame that works for both of you, if you don’t have a significant date in mind that works for the two of you, I suggest picking a month, and your date can be determined by the availability at the venue you select.

3. Once you and your fiancé have agreed on a date, it’s time to find the perfect venue! Once you know your wedding style, you can narrow down what general venue you’re looking for. Are you more interested in a rustic scenery, a modern scenery, a banquet hall, a vineyard, country club? The list can go on and on. Below are a few venues around the area to consider!

4. Find your photographer! Believe it or not, many photographers book 12-18 months in advance (along with many vendor services). If you have your eye on one, inquire as soon as you can to secure your date!

5. Annnnd last but not least, it’s time to go looking for the perfect dress! Many bridal shops can take a minimum of 6 months for your wedding dress to arrive, in addition to 2 months of alterations. Needless to say, it’s best to go sooner than later to find the dress for you! Below are a few bridal shops to help you start looking!

Again, huge congrats on your engagement, and I hope these few tid bits help you start your journey! xoxo