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Honeymoon Planning Tips

Honeymoon Planning Tips

You’re engaged!!! Let the wedding planning begin! But…don’t forget to plan your honeymoon too! Let’s get into some honeymoon planning tips!

First things first, let’s get back to the basics. When it comes to planning your honeymoon, decide upon the kind of honeymoon you desire. Do you want to have a relaxing time off, or would you rather explore the streets of a city or discover the trails of a mountain? Is there a special place the two of you have traveled to together, or do you want to explore a new destination?

Once you’ve decided where to go for your honeymoon, the fun begins, and you can start planning! You’ll want to book your flight and lodging about six to eight months out from when you’re planning to travel. Scheduling that many months out will give you the best options for flights and rooms, as well as anything special you want to organize, such as tours or excursions. 

Let’s go to the Beach!

On your beach honeymoon, it’s time to sit back and relax! Staying on the beach allows you to view the sunrise and sunset off the ocean, take walks along the coast, and soak in the sun. If you want to add a little action to your beach honeymoon, you could go snorkeling or water paddling. 

Sleepless Nights and City Lights

Exploring a city can be romantic. It also will be busier than a relaxing beach honeymoon. You can go window shopping and stroll along the streets searching for treasures that you wouldn’t find in your area. You could take a day and visit a museum, a city park, or take a tour. This kind of honeymoon will be more on the go and not as low-key. 

Who’s up for an Adventure?

If you and your hubby are more into exploring and adventure, then an adventurous honeymoon might be the perfect way to celebrate being newly married. Some exciting ideas are mountain climbing or hiking, skiing, or horseback riding through trails. There’s plenty of ways to bring out the daredevil in you.

On the Road

Road tripping around places you’ve not been can be a fun way to explore with your new spouse. It offers flexibility, and you can be as adventurous as you’d like. You can travel up or down the coast, hit different cities, rent an RV or stay in Airbnbs. 

So you’ve made a few decisions about your honeymoon. Yayyy! Good for you! But with all the wedding planning you’re doing, do you have the time and effort to schedule everything you need for your trip? If not, you should consider using a travel agent. I’ve known couples who use a travel agent and ones that haven’t. So here are a few ideas about why you should or shouldn’t use the services of a travel agency.

Should I Hire a Travel Agent?

Before consulting with a travel agent, make sure to have a budget in mind. Typically, agencies can find deals and packages for you. If you find yourself in the thick of wedding planning and you can’t find the time to research, plan, and book your travel, then meet with a travel agent and let them take this big task off your hands. They know where to look for everything that needs to be done, so give yourself permission to get assistance. Lastly, they’ve got connections and know “the” places to go at most destinations for dinners, shows, and excursions.

If you’re on a tight budget, it may not be beneficial for you to hire a travel consultant. More than likely, there will be a charge to utilize their knowledge; however, sometimes, this can be offset by what they’ll save you with deals they can negotiate. Another consideration is finding out if a travel agent works solely with a chain of hotels and if they’re open to reserving Airbnbs. You want to make sure they’re not persuading you because they only use a particular hotel brand. You’ll also want to do your research before choosing a travel agent. You want to make sure they understand your wants and needs and are a good fit for you. 

Whatever you choose to do or wherever you go, make sure you take the time as a couple to enjoy each other. You’ve gone through a lot of wedding planning and all the pieces and parts of that, so take your honeymoon as a time to destress and relax the way you want!

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