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Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Let’s face it, most of the time, when it comes to anything with wedding planning tips and tricks, it’s typically centered around the bride and bridesmaids. But this round let’s focus on the groom and groomsman! If you’re having a wedding party, you might want to consider giving each member of the group a small gift, as a way to thank them for being part of your wedding. Instead of giving them something they may never use again, I suggest giving them something valuable that they’ll actually use! Today on the blog, I’m giving you five Groomsmen gift ideas. 

One of the biggest tips I give when choosing your groomsmen gifts would be to make sure the gift isn’t stamped with your wedding theme, such as your wedding date, your names, etc. Your groomsmen will likely get more use out of their gift if it’s personalized with their name or plain without any labels. So with that being said, let’s dive into five ideas for groomsmen gifts!

Personalized Yeti/Tumbler:

First up on this list is a personalized Yeti or Tumbler cup! Getting your groomsmen a nice insulated cup is the perfect choice for a gift. Not only will they be able to use them at your wedding to keep their drinks nice and cold, but they also use them after the wedding! You can choose different colors, engrave them, or leave them plain. These make for a great gift option…and who doesn’t love a new beverage cup! Check out these Personalized Engraved Yeti’s.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas


The second gift I recommend giving to all of your groomsmen would be a tie! If you’re having your groomsmen wear ties at the wedding, then why not consider having this be their gift? You could attach a note to the tie and say something like, “thank you for helping me tie the knot”. I know, kinda cheesy, but I think it’s a cute idea! Here is a link to a premade box with a tie in it. 

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Toiletry Bag:

Next up on my list is a nice leather toiletry bag that could be personalized! Just like the cups, a toiletry bag can be used for the wedding day and when the groomsmen travel and need to take their necessities. These particular toiletry bags are super nice because they’re leather and come in different colors and sizes. You can also personalize them by putting their names or initials on the bags. Click here to see the leather toiletry bags I found!

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Personalized Cufflinks, Money Clip, and Tie Clip:

Your groomsmen may not have personalized cufflinks, so why not get them a good pair they could wear on your wedding day and then use afterward. To go along with the cufflinks, you could add a tie clip if they’re wearing a tie or a money clip. With all three of these options, you could get their initials engraved on them. Check out this option that has all three items in a convenient box!

Pocket Knife:

Finally, the last groomsmen gift I suggest is an engraved pocket knife! Most guys love receiving pocket knives. They’re such a great gift that is useful for many days to come. It’s also one of those items that guys tend to collect, so having one from your wedding would make it extra special!

I hope that all of these gift ideas for your groomsmen were helpful, and now you don’t have to stress about what to get them! Check out more gifts that are my personal favorites.

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